The North Kigezi Partnership exists to support gospel workers in the North Kigezi Diocese to make disciple-making disciples of Christ.

The North Kigezi partnership exists between the Anglican Diocese of Armidale and the Church Of Uganda in North Kigezi with the purpose “to equip, encourage and support Gospel Workers in the North Kigezi Diocese (NKD) in their efforts to make ‘Disciple-Making Disciples of Christ’.”  The partnership offers Christians in the Anglican Diocese of Armidale an avenue of enacting Christ’s mission, support and care into a global context, in an organised way.

Re Nextgen Uganda. 

The Diocese of Armidale has a team over in Uganda at the moment. Scott (Team leader) reports that the so far the trip has been going really well. The 2 days training was very productive where the whole leadership team looked at 2 Timothy 2, and 1 Timothy 2. Scott also used a few of the MTS training papers and Enoch commented on the quality of the training and how such material would be very good for clergy. 

On Sunday Scott spoke on two radio stations to a very large audience, the rest of the team visited churches and one group were ‘privileged’ to have a flat tire on the way home and arrived back at the hotel at 6pm! 

The Nextgen Conference is now in day 2 where 160 delegates are attending. Scott noted that there are a lot of returning delegates and so the Strand 2 groups are quite large. The number of returning delegates is encouraging as it means there are more delegates receiving the full training, and this is evident in the noticeable growth in Christian Maturity.

Nextgen Strand group led by local leadership