Christianity Explored

Saturdays 4pm from the 4th May

We all get one life to live and deep down we’re all asking the same question – what’s it all about?

Christianity Explored is a friendly casual time to get together and find out who Jesus is and what he means for us today. 

You won’t be asked to answer questions out loud, but you can ask them. 

Please join us in the Oxley Vale Public School Library from 4pm Saturdays.  

Gender Confusion Talks

Gender confusion is a topic that is hugely relevant in our society today and as Christians we  want to strive for a biblical compassionate and loving response.

In the last few decades in the western world there has been huge cultural change. Some of these changes relate to how we see our sexuality and gender. In the past assigning someone’s sex had traditionally been based on biology – “It’s a boy or it’s a girl”. Yet now, in the media, we often hear stories of people transitioning from one sex to another, sometimes through hormone treatment. We have debates on whether we should have male and female toilets or what prisons transgender people should go to or even what we should teach our children in our schools concerning gender – and more.

How should Christians respond to all this? How do we react in the public sphere to these issues? or closer to home – how do we respond towards those whom we know and love who feel like the sex they were assigned at birth doesn’t correspond to who they feel they are? What do we say to our children who are confronted with these new changing attitudes at school? What does the Bible have to say concerning these things?

The following talks were delivered in September 2018 by Rob and Claire Smith in Tamworth and were organised by the Anglican Diocese of Armidale Commission for Education and Mission

Making Sense of Gender Confusion Talk 1

Making Sense of Gender Confusion Talk 2

Making Sense of Gender Confusion Talk 3


Register for Superhero Mania NOW!

Superhero Mania flyerRegistrations are now open for OVACC’s annual kid’s holiday club.

From 9:30am – 12:30pm on Wednesday 10 – Friday 12 October, 2018, this year’s theme – Superhero Mania – promises to be great fun.

Open to children from Kindergarten to Year 6,  you can register for Superhero Mania using this link or, if you prefer a paper form, pick one up from Oxley Vale Public School office, Oxley Vale Anglican Community Church’s 10am service, or by contacting Tom using this link.


Wrapping up gifts for Families in need

OVACC Youth spent some of their school holidays wrapping up gifts for families in need. Here’s an article that the local newspaper wrote


WHILE most kids are spending their school holidays at the shops, movies or in the sunshine, a group of locals are doing their bit for the less fortunate.

Members of the Oxley Vale Anglican Church Youth Group spent their Monday wrapping donated gifts to give to local families doing it tough this Christmas as part of Uniting Care’s Christmas Appeal.

Uniting Care is celebrating 25 years of giving in Tamworth this year.

On Sunday, volunteers packaged up 140 hampers, before Monday was spent wrapping up gifts donated by local families to local families.

Families from as far away as Quirindi and Gunnedah will benefit from the charity drive, with more than 300 gifts being wrapped up.

“Each gift is individually wrapped,” a Tamworth Uniting Care Christmas Appeal organiser said.

“We find it very important because lots of families face debt, or broken down families or bills racking up (at this time of year). Unfrotunately, the last thing on the list is buying gifts.”

Women’s Morning Tea


Saturday the women of OVACC came together for morning tea. They heard from Yui on her journey from Thailand to Australia, and how she moved from Buddhism to trusting that Jesus was her Lord and Saviour. Of interest was her reflections on the difference between praying as a Buddhist, to praying to a personal Lord who loves her.


Enjoying morning tea together




Yui Sharing

Celebrating 25 Years of Ministry in Oxley Vale!

All past and current members and supporters of Oxley Vale Anglican Community Church are invited to join us in celebrating 25 years of Christian ministry in the Oxley Vale area at two special events – a celebration dinner on Saturday 16 July and a combined thanksgiving church service on Sunday 17 July.

To mark the occasion, we are launching the ‘Building Ministry Fund,’ aimed at securing and expanding gospel ministry in the area into the future. Would you please consider contributing a one-off gift to this appeal? Donations can be made at both events or directly via ‘Oxley Vale Anglican Community Church’, BSB 032621 Acct: 309306.

OVACC YOUTH at Chaffey dam


Here are some pictures of when we went to Chaffey Dam DSCN0573


Contemplating fishing, and what to do if one bites

Praying in the rain. The Megaphone is so we can hear over the rain

Holding the eating area down in the wind

Holding the eating area down in the wind

Marshmallows and camp fire after the storm

DSCN0619 DSCN0629 DSCN0630-2 DSCN0637 DSCN0639 DSCN0652 13124717_10154833834169148_6054461218179353446_n 13076626_10154833834284148_8963067632577074799_n 13087413_10154833834184148_654853978944498173_n

Combined 9am Service and General Meeting


On Sunday 13th, the 8am and 10am church gatherings will combine for a 9am service, to be followed by a Special General Meeting to approve the church budget for January-June 2016.

The combined service will feature a special nativity presentation by the children in our 10am Sunday School. Our monthly Trading Table will also be in operation, with money raised supporting our annual holiday kid’s club.

Following the Special General Meeting, attendees are invited back to Tom and Caz Magill’s for a pot-luck lunch.

Canadian Thanksgiving

At OVACC we have a family on exchange from Canada. They were sad that they would miss thanksgiving in Canada, so as a church family we have joined them in a great day giving thanks to God for many things, including the family from all over the world united by Christ. OVACC is a church with members from many cultures. It was a great day that we could spend together.

IMG_4948 IMG_4941 IMG_4940 IMG_4926 IMG_4921 IMG_4920 IMG_4917 IMG_4919

Women’s Brunch with Maama Eva from Uganda

OVACC Church along with the Anglican Diocese of Armidale partner the North Kigezi Diocese in Uganda. Maama Eva from North Kigezi Diocese spoke to the women of OVACC. She spent time outlining some of the great work Mothers Union was undertaking in her diocese helping families in poverty through income generating projects like piggeries and coffee growing



Brunch with Caz and Annette

some of the women of OVACC


Maama Eva from North Kigezi Diocese


Ashley Madison Scandal

AM_OVACCTamworth has almost 1800 Ashley Madison accounts according to the Sydney Morning Herald, which the newspaper describes as being almost 5% of the postcode.  For some of the neighbouring towns the numbers and percentage are higher.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 15.14.26

OVACC is a safe place for hurting families and for couples wanting to reconcile their relationships.  We recognise that we are all broken in some way and need help. At OVACC we have been involved with helping people who are hurt through adultery, broken relationships, divorce and porn addictions.

If you are struggling, either because you have hurt someone or been hurt, and you would like to see if it’s possible to fix things with God and your spouse then it’s possible we can help.

You can talk to me, another of our staff team, or an experienced Christian couple and can find us either  on Sunday at 10:00 at Oxley Vale Public School or call 02 6761 7271 for a confidential chat.

Here’s a short message from a friend of mine that you might like to watch or listen to as you attempt to process what is happening with some thoughts on what to do now.

Youth Group Science Weeks

water rockets 1
Water Rockets

Human ‘foosball’


water rockets 2
Water Rockets


Silly Putty
Silly Putty

Making Silly Putty
Making Silly Putty















Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking about Christianity and Science. We have been looking at the idea that Science and Christianity are not enemies but rather are intertwined through history and the desire to understand the world that God has made.

Our first week we discussed that God has made a world that is ordered and discussed the discipline of science. That is, the desire to know God’s world. (Gen 1)

We then looked at how the bible uses miracles. If God upholds and sustains the world through his divine will, then everything that happens is part of that will and his knowledge. This means, whether what seems to occur under natural processes and ‘laws’, or even ‘supernatural’, these are part of the world that is being upheld by God.

Finally we though about the world that we live in is a reflection of God’s character and purpose. The world is ordered because God is ordered and is not fickle (Ex 34:5-7). Also there is a purpose for this creation. That purpose is to glorify Himself (Colossi ans 1:16) and for us to live in this world (Is 45:18 and Ps 104).

So how do we now live? We live wisely in God’s world (Prov 3:19-20 and Jer 10:12). To live wisely means that we recognise that God is God and we need to be reconciled to him in Jesus. Then in response to that, we will live with respect to the creation that God has made.