OVACC Youth exist to help teenagers from Oxley Vale Anglican Community Church grow into mature christian contributing members of our church.

Recently we went on a 25km hike through Barrington Tops.

We started at stayed at Polblue and then on Saturday morning in 2 degrees drove in 4WDs to Junction pools where we started out walk. We walked along Edwards Swamp trail through alpine snow gums and around swamps, joined Carey’s peak trail and then stopped at Carey’s Peak for a break before lunch at Wombat Creek.

After lunch we then descended along the Link Trail through cool temperature rain forest among Antarctic Beech trees and Tree Ferns. Traversing along fallen trees, pushing through ferns and sometimes struggling up hills we finished at Kerapit Gate

On reflection on Sunday, where we had church in the Gloucester River, we thought how the walk was a metaphor of the Christian life. There are some parts of our lives where it is easy to be a Christian, where the birds sing, the environment is nice and its easy to keep going. But there are other times where its really difficult and it takes all your will just to put one foot in front of another and you’re tired and you would just like to stop.

In our hike metaphor we saw the importance of encouraging one another as we see the finish line approach, like in Hebrews 10:24-25. We saw the value of knowing our destination – like the hope Christians have of heaven and no matter how hard things can get now, rest awaits. And we felt the relief of rest and hot food in good company. We also saw the importance of sticking to the map- obedience to Christ- that walking off in ways that you might think are fun would lead to you getting very lost and lead to death.

That evening we stayed at Gloucester River Campground and had ‘church’ on Sunday in the river before heading back to Tamworth.

Here’s some reflections from one of the youth