AM_OVACCTamworth has almost 1800 Ashley Madison accounts according to the Sydney Morning Herald, which the newspaper describes as being almost 5% of the postcode.  For some of the neighbouring towns the numbers and percentage are higher.

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OVACC is a safe place for hurting families and for couples wanting to reconcile their relationships.  We recognise that we are all broken in some way and need help. At OVACC we have been involved with helping people who are hurt through adultery, broken relationships, divorce and porn addictions.

If you are struggling, either because you have hurt someone or been hurt, and you would like to see if it’s possible to fix things with God and your spouse then it’s possible we can help.

You can talk to me, another of our staff team, or an experienced Christian couple and can find us either  on Sunday at 10:00 at Oxley Vale Public School or call 02 6761 7271 for a confidential chat.

Here’s a short message from a friend of mine that you might like to watch or listen to as you attempt to process what is happening with some thoughts on what to do now.