Gender Confusion Talks

Gender confusion is a topic that is hugely relevant in our society today and as Christians we  want to strive for a biblical compassionate and loving response. In the last few decades in the western world there has been huge cultural change. Some of these changes relate to how we see our sexuality and gender….

Safe Ministry Training Seminars

Safe Ministry Training: Our Commitment The Anglican Diocese of Armidale affirms that all people have the right to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically safe. The Bible identifies classes of vulnerable people who are to be protected and given special care and treatment in society because of their powerlessness such as the poor, widows, orphans and…

Nextgen Uganda

In January this year 21 Australians travelled across to the North Kigezi Diocese in South Western Uganda including Simon and Erin, Matthew and Lyndy. The team went across to run the “Nextgen” conference. The Nextgen conference is a youth leadership conference that aims to equip youth leaders with skills to teach the bible in their…

2014 Church Calendar

The 2014 Church Calendar of events, training, preaching and the like, has been published to the website as a Google Calendar. You can find it here. A pretty paper version of this Calendar, for your fridge or office wall, will be available from Sunday 16th February.