Gender confusion is a topic that is hugely relevant in our society today and as Christians we  want to strive for a biblical compassionate and loving response.

In the last few decades in the western world there has been huge cultural change. Some of these changes relate to how we see our sexuality and gender. In the past assigning someone’s sex had traditionally been based on biology – “It’s a boy or it’s a girl”. Yet now, in the media, we often hear stories of people transitioning from one sex to another, sometimes through hormone treatment. We have debates on whether we should have male and female toilets or what prisons transgender people should go to or even what we should teach our children in our schools concerning gender – and more.

How should Christians respond to all this? How do we react in the public sphere to these issues? or closer to home – how do we respond towards those whom we know and love who feel like the sex they were assigned at birth doesn’t correspond to who they feel they are? What do we say to our children who are confronted with these new changing attitudes at school? What does the Bible have to say concerning these things?

The following talks were delivered in September 2018 by Rob and Claire Smith in Tamworth and were organised by the Anglican Diocese of Armidale Commission for Education and Mission

Making Sense of Gender Confusion Talk 1

Making Sense of Gender Confusion Talk 2

Making Sense of Gender Confusion Talk 3