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Youth Group Science Weeks

water rockets 1
Water Rockets
Human ‘foosball’


water rockets 2
Water Rockets


Silly Putty
Silly Putty
Making Silly Putty
Making Silly Putty















Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking about Christianity and Science. We have been looking at the idea that Science and Christianity are not enemies but rather are intertwined through history and the desire to understand the world that God has made.

Our first week we discussed that God has made a world that is ordered and discussed the discipline of science. That is, the desire to know God’s world. (Gen 1)

We then looked at how the bible uses miracles. If God upholds and sustains the world through his divine will, then everything that happens is part of that will and his knowledge. This means, whether what seems to occur under natural processes and ‘laws’, or even ‘supernatural’, these are part of the world that is being upheld by God.

Finally we though about the world that we live in is a reflection of God’s character and purpose. The world is ordered because God is ordered and is not fickle (Ex 34:5-7). Also there is a purpose for this creation. That purpose is to glorify Himself (Colossi ans 1:16) and for us to live in this world (Is 45:18 and Ps 104).

So how do we now live? We live wisely in God’s world (Prov 3:19-20 and Jer 10:12). To live wisely means that we recognise that God is God and we need to be reconciled to him in Jesus. Then in response to that, we will live with respect to the creation that God has made.

Nextgen Uganda

In January this year 21 Australians travelled across to the North Kigezi Diocese in South Western Uganda including Simon and Erin, Matthew and Lyndy.

The team went across to run the “Nextgen” conference. The Nextgen conference is a youth leadership conference that aims to equip youth leaders with skills to teach the bible in their local settings. One of the great strengths of the Nextgen conference is that it teaches a model that can be used on any bible passage.

Our team that went across said that a constant highlight of the conference was hearing the talks and bible studies that were prepared using the five stage model.

Simon reported that IMG_1420Johnson, one of the delegates, said with one of the biggest smiles he’d seen, that “he looked forward to going back to his parish and leading bible studies with much deeper questions”.

Previously, he said, his studies were ‘very shallow’.

On top of the conference, we were able to run a clergy marriage enrichment course and were able to be involved with Sunday Services.


Term three saw the start of an exciting new ministry at OVACC. We have started a youth group that meets in the William Cowper Hall on Sunday Afternoons from 5-7pm. The evening consists of some games, a short talk on the bible, the “Chomp Challenge” (or other chocolate bar) and a bible study. The evenings are a lot of fun and anyone from year 6 to year 12 can join us. youth group july 132